Harmony Hub

By using a phone or tablet this small but smart and powerful device can acts like universal remote, giving you control over your home even you are away from it. The least you can do is change channels on your TV, turn volume on or off, but also control more than over 270.000 smart home devices, so with one word you can have multi-device experiences. With Wifi and Bluetooth ability, the Harmony Hub Setup can speak with gadgets through cupboards and dividers, as long they are in run. You can activate your hot pot so you can have your cup of tea few moments after waking up. Enjoy your leisure time at home by moving only a finger.

Harmony Pro

Even more mighty and unique this Harmony Pro remote takes the place of Harmony Elite. It incorporates Harmony Precision IR Cables, intense multi-zone sound control, continuous client benefit choices—and an improved guarantee—to fulfil even the highest standards. Harmony Pro is ideal for home and family purposes and needs. It is made to make your live easier and funny. For example your get up time for work doesn’t need to be stressful. You can turn on the Activities on your Harmony Hub and the morning will start with joyful music on the radio, the curtains will slash down so you can let the sun bright your room. Such a wonderful begging of your working day. You won’t be wrong to say that Harmony Companion really ties the rooms together.

Harmony Companion

We will not be modest, just realistic, because this remote is not only an ordinary remote but Harmony Companion Setup is a small and strong device that can control everything smart home devices. There is no need of counting how many devices this Harmony Companion can replace, we guarantee it will save more place and definitely time, release you from cleaning the dust and even you can have a fun doing all that Activities that this remote offers. It offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control in addition to infrared blasters so you can place some parts on hidden place and still control them. The best attribute of the Harmony Companion is that it can connect with other home devices as complement or leading part. For example it can connect with do it yourself devices we dispose within our home, locks, lights etc.

Harmony Home Hub Extender

This interesting and creative device can be well matched with existing Harmony Hub. Together, Harmony Home Hub Extender and Harmony Hub are more aggressive, strong and you can have a full control of your home and smart home devices. By connecting these two remotes you can have direct control of ZigBee ans Z- Wave lights, sensors, locks etc. Called the Logitech Harmony Home Hub Extender, the gadget is basically a hub for your hub. Harmony Home Hub Extender setup is really easy process, so it will magically guide you through creating Activities so you will be able to finish more home tasks, at the same time enjoying all that and see how thing are solved with only one touch of the button.

Harmony 350

Your Harmony 350 gives you an opportunity to connect up to 8 of your smart home gadgets into one, so you can and definitely should get rid of those different remotes. With this you can control up to 8 devices with only one easy to set up remote. The never stop growing base that includes thousands of direct commands, links, different devices will make you faster, more productive and less nervous. This Harmony 350 remote has power to understand how to control your smart home devices and it has 5 programmable buttons that leads you to your favourite channels. All you have to do is connect your Harmony 350 to your Internet connected PC and then download the commands for your devices and it will simplify your everyday life.

Harmony 950

Harmon 950 without doubt is the best smart remote in its category. It makes your home alive with push up only one button. It has easy to use design that fits your palm and makes controlling comfortable. Harmony 950 has 2.4 inch screen display, which lit in the dark and it’s easy to use at night. Besides working with more than 270000 home devices from more than 6000 brands, it replaces up to 15 remotes. One of the interesting features is the sleep timer, which helps you for shutting down the devices when you fall asleep. You can personalize this multi device with adding up to 50 favorite channels and frequently used controls. Harmony 950 setup process requires using Internet connected PC and installing MyHarmony desktop software.